Services Describe in the Agreement.

Operation Performed Connected with but not limited to Crediting, Refunding, Opening and Closing of Trade Transaction.

Unique Personified Accounting System on the Trade Platform of the Company.

Subject of the agreement
The Subject of the Agreement shall be provision of Services Client by the Company based on the Agreement.

Rights, Obligations and Guarantees of the Clients
The Trader is entitle to conduct Trading Operations on the Website provided by the Agreement.

In case of dispute between Trader and Company to make a Claim Properly in Official Letter or via Email Account specified by the Company.

Trader can terminate and exists from the Agreement after mutual Communication through Email.

Personal data
Storage of Personal Data of the Client can be fulfill by the Company during the Agreement as well as 3 years after Termination of the Agreement.

Risk statement
The Client Read, Understand, and Accepted the Risk Statement related to the Services on the Website Publish by the Company.

In case of None Operation or Inactive Accounts on the Trade Platform on the Company, Company has right to charge 50US$ from the Account.